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Banquet Carpets

Flooring for a hotel has to be attractive, durable, easy to maintain and cost effective. It has to bear the high volume traffic areas to with daily pounding and the flooring to still look as good as it did the day it was installed. Carpet is a common choice for the hotel flooring; carpets give a luxurious and elegant look to the banquet hall. Moreover, the installation takes no time when compared with other flooring options.

Benefits of Banquet Carpets:

1. Carpets cuts Noise in comparison to concrete floor/ceiling.
2. Cost Effective: It is easy to install and is time efficient process. Moreover, the carpets are much cost efficient when compared to other flooring techniques. It can be replaced and changed easily to give a new look.
3. Durability: Carpets withstands lot of wear and tear when compared to hardwood or tiles. They also protect the floor from the scratches.

To find the best selection for your banquet hall you need to be well aware of the number of choices and factors to be considered. Our team is always there to help you with the selection of right style, color, pattern and material that will altogether make a right statement to suit the atmosphere of the space. We design and customise the products of your choice according to your budget and needs.  We have the variety of beautiful and durable flooring solution that will help you make the right selection.
Different types of commercial carpet are:

1.  Cut Pile Carpets: Cut piled carpets are one of the best options for commercial carpet in high traffic areas. These have medium durability and offer a variety of decorative options. Cut pile carpets can be of various thicknesses, but apart from of thickness cut pile carpets always provide a softened feel under the feet.

2. Level Loop Carpets: These carpets prevent dirt and are extremely easy to clean. They work great for commercial as well as residential use. These carpets are constructed in different weights and thicknesses with identical height, providing a smooth level surface.

3. Cut & Loop Carpets: These carpets are best for commercial places with high traffic. They provide a wide range of decorative options but have medium durability. They hide dirt and grime well due to the multiple heights within the carpet fibres.

4. Broadloom Carpets: Broadloom carpets are usually nailed or tacked down, therefore it doesn’t shift or move with use. It will not penetrate dirt and thus it looks new and dirt free for ages.

Carpet covering adds a unique style and warmth to your banquet room. They are available in almost endless array of colors and styles. You can find a carpet for every look and feel you want whether it is tailored, or patterned textures it will definitely reflect the personality of the business.

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Centre-piece Carpets

Designing a centre-piece of house requires lots of research and planning. Nowadays so many options are available to décor the centre of your living and dining area. From getting a central sofa or sectional sofa to designing something unique. Carpet always doubles the look and beauty of your centrepiece. You can either use carpet that matches the tone of your centre piece to give a traditional look or can contrast it with your furnishing to give a modern and personalised look. You can also simply put a designer tailored centrepiece carpet in your living room; it will give a simple as well as elegant look. Carpets are best flooring and decorating option. 

Features of Centrepiece Carpets:

  • Compact designs
  • Precise finish
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for high-traffic areas
  • Prevent slippage and protect your floor
  • Compliments your furnishing
  • Easy to clean

Carpet can do much more than cover your floors. It can be the foundation of a decorating plan, inspiring other ideas. Or, it can be selected to complement existing walls and furnishings. Above all, the carpet you choose should reflect your personality and bring comfort to your home. These are available in various colors, patterns and designs, the floorings and carpets are highly durable, user friendly, perfectly finished, water resistant, and require low maintenance.

Centrepiece carpets are available in wide range to give your space a tradition, contemporary, modern or royal touch. We have a fast array of colors, weaves and styles at every point. Carpets in floral, stripe, and geometric patterns give a room instant personality that can spark a decorating approach.

Advantages of using carpet:

 Soft, warm, and comfortable feel

They are great Sound-absorbent

Stain protection options for pet owners
Low to medium periodic maintenance, including easy vacuuming

The quickest facelift for any room is the color of carpet. It can be used to create an illusion of making a small room appear larger. It can create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort and can also make your environment feel cool and spacious. Like color, patterns also play a powerful role of decorating tool with boundless potential. It can be used to stretch the dimensions of a room, define areas within your home, or to reinforce a room’s character. Carpets are offered in an extraordinary array of textures, making the floor an enticing living space.  

We ensure hassle free quotes and wide range of products to meet any size budget. You can give us a call anytime to set up estimation. Our trained and professional staff provides years of expert advice with the latest designs and trends for your home. Pick from our exquisite collections and decide which carpet flooring would be the best fit for your needs!

Modern Rugs

Usually the words carpets and rugs are used interchangeably. Both are floor covering but the only difference is their size. Rugs are smaller than carpets and are generally used as centrepiece flooring, table décor, wall décor or bed rugs. They have stylish and decorative styles, patterns and designs. Rugs also help in theme designing décor. Different types of rugs are available on the basis of their uses, Hand knotted rugs may have patterns of traditional Persian style or more contemporary types but have a rather fine finish. As per the size and purpose, they can be used as wall decor, on table tops and sofas or to give an accent to the flooring. Tufted and felt wool rugs are used in the same manner as Hand knotted rugs. Shagged rugs are more commonly used as bed or sofa throws or corner foot rugs.

Modern Rugs is an essential piece for any living, dining or bedroom. It helps to design the color palette of the room, absorb the noise, protect the floor and most of all provide cushion to your feet. They can be soft or hard depending on the pattern and design. They have more of western touch and are best suitable for newly designed homes. These rugs are more diversify and offer variety to its consumer. Sometimes these rugs with geometrical shapes, free form and the stark contrast make it appear like an art. Unlike traditional rugs, modern rugs have practical uses as well. You can put it in any corner of the house and it can bear a heavy traffic along with giving an aesthetic look to the space. Modern rugs incorporate bold colour choices and unusual design elements, contemporary rugs can also be very subtle and fit seamlessly with furniture and décor.

Modern rugs range from solid color modern rugs, stripes modern rugs, circle modern rugs, animal print modern rugs and many more. Additionally, varieties of modern rugs are replicated from famous artist's paintings. It adds color, texture, interest and defines the decor of your space. It depicts clean lines and styles in contemporary look. These rugs complement high-end contemporary or casual setting. 

Benefits of rugs:

Rugs help complete your room’s overall décor in a way that traditional beige carpet cannot.
Rugs can make a room feel larger by shifting your focus off of the walls and ceiling.
Rugs are unique, one of a kind, artistic investments.
Rugs—with proper care—never lose their value and only become more cherished as the time passes.
Rugs are soft, plush, and inviting. Be kind to your feet and your floors.

Contemporary designs allow room for experimentation than traditional rugs. It can be mixed and matched to achieve the overall effect that you want. It is way cheaper than the other categories of rugs because of its simpler designs that make it easier for weaving. Prices may differ depending on the material and kind of weaving used.
With contemporary/modern designed rugs, there is something to suit to everyone's taste!

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Dhurrie is thick flat-woven cotton or wool rug or carpet traditionally used in India and its neighbour countries as floor covering. They are quite different from rugs and carpets as they are not only used for floor covering but for bedding and packaging purpose also. Dhurries are the most versatile rugs and are easy to maintain as well. They have fun patterns and colors. These rugs are loved by the foreigners.

Dhurries are simpler than carpets and rugs and the designs are generally tribal inspired. They are ideal for decorating a space with contemporary home décor. They are easy to maintain, inexpensive and most suitable for high traffic areas. Durries are perfect to design your place at reasonable price. Cotton and woollen dhurries are popular choice among the rugs.  These handmade rugs are available in different colors moreover are reversible. They are mostly tribal inspired but sometimes are infused with modern designs as well. They are less expensive when compared to rugs and carpets and are quicker to make too.

Nowadays, dhurries are a hot designer choice for nearly any room. The rugged and durable flat-weave of dhurrie rugs makes them a natural choice in casual settings. Moreover, with today’s decor style tending to be more flexible, dhurrie rugs are best fit for it and thus are being utilized in formal settings as well. This versatility, as well as their transitional appeal, helps make dhurrie rugs favourite for all ages.

Advantages of dhurries:
1. They are irreversible.
2. Requires low-maintenance and are easy to clean.
3. Are mostly available in standard sizes.
4. They are available in different styles and attractive design.
5. They are flexible and can be used in nearly any room décor.
6. They are easier to carry as they do not have a built-on pad or backing.

Features of Dhurries:

1. The Weave: A flat, no-pile weave is one of the key distinguishing features of a dhurrie rug. The rug's tight weave makes it durable and easy to clean. Shaking the rug out removes accumulated dirt and debris, and a vacuum cleaner takes care of the rest.

2. About the Material: Traditional dhurrie rugs are made from cotton or wool, but can be customised as some makers offer them in silk or a combination of fibers. Due to natural fibre composition, some dhurrie rugs are machine washable.
3. Patterns & Colors: Patterns such as geometric designs and stripes are traditional dhurrie themes, as are mosque or minaret shapes. Modern styles incorporate designs such as floral or medallion patterns, or squares. Color-wise, older dhurries often used natural fibre colors as the background for the design, with dyes coloring the patterned fibers. Modern dhurries are sold in vast and vivid color varieties.
4. Fashion Flip: Besides its durability, the appealing feature is that the reverse side is also patterned, meaning the rug can be flipped for a fresh surface.

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Leather Carpets

A quality rug can add taste and texture to a room, warm up floors that are cold to the touch and absorb echoes in a sparse living space. Leather rugs are no different, but they can be a sizable investment in comparison to wool or cotton rugs. A leather rug can be a centrepiece for your room and a valuable heirloom. They give a royal and sophisticated look to your space. They make any room look luxurious and are good at emphasizing the social status of any owner. They are soft on touch and are stain resistant. They are sturdy and have a long life.
Leather rugs are versatile and can add style quotient to almost any home or office. They come in multiple colors from natural to neon and bring a luxurious texture that is complementary to any decor. Cleaning of leather carpets require special attention and care.

While leather carpets are beautiful, they still have several benefits:

1. They are highly durable: Leather carpets are not a good option for bathroom and kitchen where it might get wet or damp, But are perfect for other areas. It stays beautiful longer when compared to any other type of rugs and carpets. These are quite strong and capable of standing to a lot of scuffing.

2. They are very comfortable: Leather hide is both soft and durable, which means it makes comfortable rugs. Thicker hide rugs with fur are even softer, which means that they are great for walking on, and great for placing on the floor.

3. They are natural & organic:  If you don’t like faux and synthetic materials for your home, then natural hides are best choice for you. Even the leather products are tanned using organic ingredients, therefore making it non allergic. They are available in different sizes.

4. Look of Leather: leather is made from natural materials, with a warm, organic effect that lends the unique texture and visual flair of a natural material.  The overall effect you get with le
ather floors is an understated elegance that is ultimately versatile in a variety of settings.

Leather is used for floor covering from centuries because of its functionality and aesthetic purposes. Today, the classic natural shaped animal hide is more popular than ever. Patchwork rugs are made from natural hides as well as beautiful leather shags. These rugs are high sheen, naturally durable and will hold up to regular foot traffic. These rugs are generally smaller so they can easily be shaken out. For Hair on hide rugs – the oil in the hair acts like a shield against spills.

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