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Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Homogenous vinyl composed of a single layer of vinyl and are glued to the sub-floor and welded. The single layer of vinyl gives the floor rigidity and toughness. They are tough and ultra-durable solutions for heavy traffic areas. They have high resistance and are easy to clean. The low cost of raw materials and manufacturing lets vinyl flooring take the lead in the cost department.  This type of material can be mixed, matched with other substances to create the desirable flooring.

1. Low cost & long lasting
2. Easy to maintain
3. Moisture resistant
4. Best for high traffic areas & commercial buildings
5. Provides good insulation

Vinyl flooring sheets and tiles are available in different colors, textures and patterns to suit different decor needs. Homogeneous Vinyl floorings are available in solid colors, the single layer gives them vibrancy and depth in color.  They create an environment which is important for the functioning as well as the appeal of the floor. When compared with other flooring products, Homogeneous Vinyl Floorings are economic both in terms of installation and in maintenance. There are number of variety, color and patterns available for this type of flooring.

We gave attractive high performance and high quality homogeneous flooring available for floor decoration and featuring which can further enhance protection for optimum appearance retention.
Advantages of homogeneous vinyl flooring:
1. Durability
2. Low maintenance & Versatility
3. Offers vibrancy & depth of color due to single layer composition
4. Stain resistant & best for high traffic areas.

Homogeneous vinyl floorings are rigid and is the reason it is demanding, for multi-purpose modern public buildings or in commercial building where durability and color is the key point.

Why chose homogeneous vinyl flooring?

1. Design & color: They are available in number of solid colors and the colors are also customised as per the need. It delivers many bright and saturated hues.
2. Aesthetic look: It helps you create a beautiful space and enhance the appearance of your house and office.

3. Inexpensive: These flooring inexpensive as they are easy to install and requires less maintenance when compared to other flooring options.

Attractive and high performance homogeneous vinyl flooring ideally suited for commercial, education and healthcare environments. Whether free-directional or direction-oriented, homogeneous PVC floor coverings from Home Krafts India have the right choice for every requirement.  We offer number of colors which provides the freedom in design conception, particularly in the modern building sector. We also guarantees easiest possible cleaning and care properties on our floor covering products.

Artificial grass

adds beauty to your place and provides a space for kids, guests and pets. Every home owner dreams to have beautiful and attractive home of their dream which have blend of realistic and modern world. Mowing a lawn can take a lot of time; time becomes more precious as we seek to juggle all our responsibilities. To the saviour comes artificial grass which provide you an option to décor your place and make it green all year round. If you are seeking for a long-lasting and safest landscape for your garden or lawn then artificial grass is all you need. Artificial grass or synthetic grass as it is commonly referred is a surface made up of synthetic fibres coated with silicone protruding from a polypropylene base that is manufactured to look like natural grass.
Features of artificial grass:
1.  Looks and feels like a natural grass- best alternative for natural fake grass
2.  Ideal outdoor covering and provide s an easily maintainable green appeal to the exteriors
3. No use of chemicals or pesticides required
4. Maintenance free solution for garden, terrace garden
5. Can withstand heat and heavy traffic

6. Low maintenance: It requires no maintenance to maintain its beautiful green appearance. No weekly mowing, just lay it on your desired location and forget it.
7. Artificial grass remains the same color year around and look good no matter which season it is.
8. It is long lasting and you will not have to incur the expense or hassles of period replanting that natural grass will require.
9. You don’t have to worry about puddles of water collecting and lasting for days and then leaving patches of mud for the unwary to step in.
10. Playing sports on the lawn will not damage the grass.
Artificial grasses come in two main pile types; short and long, which are suitable for different applications

Short piles: they are used in high traffic areas: pool, balcony, shops flooring and marine application.

Long piles: they are ideal for soft-fall situations such as children playground, outdoor sporting fields and child care centres.

Artificial grass is completely eco-friendly. The product doesn’t require any chemical, gases or pesticides to be treated, nor do they contaminate the running water. A simple sweeping with a broom will clear away most any debris or soil from the tip of the turf and have it looking great in no time.
It also cuts your monthly expenses of maintenance and is a cost effective replacement. Artificial turf provides the same beautiful look and bounce as natural grass, without the expense. Artificial grass are recycled if they have some life left in them, and can be used for landscape uses, such as dog run, weed-free garden paths.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles make a great addition in enhancing the interior look of your place. Carpet tiles are considered to be of high fashion and practicality, combining both appearance of carpet with usability and flexibility required for fitting. They are great for covering tricky shaped floor space; they are available in variety of size, style and patterns. Carpet tiles are widely used for commercial and residential designing. It is easy to install and can be moved in different areas of your home as they wear. They can initially be installed in a bedroom but can be moved to a basement or anywhere before settling in as a rug, which helps to increase the product’s useful life. They are modular, you can change your carpet tile as frequently as you like, it give you the option to find the pattern and set it as per your need. One of the most obvious advantages of carpet tiles is that they don't require to be professionally fitted. It can easily be cut to fit and the laying process is individualised around each tile rather than with one large carpet, the process is made much easier and becomes much less of a headache.

Features of Carpet tiles:
1. Easy to install,  comfortable and cosy
2. Improved sound-proofing
3. Improved acoustics
4. Improved interior climate and air quality
5. Reduced risk of slipping
6. By Providing thermal insulation - saves energy
7. Suitable for every room in the house
8. Easy to change & maintain
9. Wear-resistant and highly durable
10. Cost-effective and environmental friendly
11. Can be combined almost infinitely to produce an extensive collection of patterns, textures and colours.

Carpet tiles have proven it to be practical and popular in the years. The features of carpet tiles make it practical for use; even the simple carpet tile gives an elegant look to your space. Carpet tiles are the most modern side of the carpet world. It comes in different shades, accessible at handy price and most importantly it can be installed in any pattern.
Ease of Installation- Carpet tiles are available in handy sizes, it doesn’t require more than a person to carry and to install. You can easily adjust the size and shape of the carpet tile based on the area.

Durability- Carpet tiles are extremely durable and can withstand the wear and tear caused by foot traffic as long as you take care of them on a regular basis with proper care and maintenance.
Easy to maintain- Cleaning carpet tiles is extremely simple and can be maintained with no trouble. You do not need to hire an expert to clean I or to remove the dirt and stains on it.
Own choice in designing your floors- You can design your floors with carpet tiles as you like. Carpet tiles come in countless colors and textures. If you are tired or bored of the existing lay-out pattern? Then simply interchange the carpet tiles with different shades so you will have a different look altogether.

PVC Flooring

PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride; it has established itself as a replacement for traditional method of flooring such as wood, stone which were used for years.  It gets immense popularity because of its affordability and the wide array of color and pattern options. We have approx every pattern and color range you need for designing and decorating your home. The application of PVC is not limited to flooring, it is also used in pipes, covering, cables, window frames and fascia and weatherboarding. The characteristics of PVC are making it a popular and practical choice for use in a wide variety of application.

Some of the characteristics of PVC are:
1. Compatibility with the additives
2. Fire resistance
3. Electrical insulation
4. Durability
5. Oil and Chemical resistance
6. Resistant to water and dirt
7. Comfortable and affordable
8. Low maintenance and easy to clean
9. Wide variety of design and color option
10. Ease of installation

Durability:  PVC is one of the best and durable types of flooring available. It is commonly installed in areas with high traffic.
Easy Installation: It can be installed easily even without the guidance of any professional.
Easy and low maintenance: PVC is the easiest to clean as these tiles comes with various coatings which protect the floor from stains, moisture and fading. Moreover, they come in small sizes and if any individual tile is damaged it can be removed easily.
Anti-static: Certain variation vinyl floors have anti-static property which means you are safe from static current passing through floor.
Inexpensive: PVC flooring is comparatively inexpensive and more durable when compare to other flooring available.
Aesthetic look: PVC flooring helps you create a beautiful space and enhance the appearance of your house and office, giving it an aesthetic look.
PVC Floorings are available in an extremely wide range giving you the option to choose exactly what your heart’s desire. It also allows individual creativity to blossom by allowing you to create your own design patterns. They are joint less and seam less, anti-skid, extremely high on hygiene and moisture and termite resistant. It’s smooth, more durable than wood, and easy to clean as there is no particular issue with moisture. Vinyl can be textured, making it less dangerous to walk on. It is typical softer to walk on than natural stone.  PVC flooring is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces as it can be placed in an area with high traffic. These flooring are widely used to design the sports flooring as well. Vinyl flooring brings together performance, comfort and security for the users reducing their injuries and increasing their sensations. Therefore, are widely used for indoor sports flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles give a feel and look of natural flooring materials such as wood and stone with embossed or textured surface, is ideal to give your space an aesthetic and classy look. The most demanding space of your home, office or working environment need to be stylish, versatile and speaks for your personality and style the most.  Luxury vinyl tile has infinite design capabilities and will help create that unique look for all your space. Luxury Vinyl Tiles is easy to install and can be laid on any formation. The realistic appearance of LVT is due to its more vinyl contain, which in turns creates a better looking flooring system.

It offers the best solution and have number of benefits:

1. Ease of maintenance
2. Water resistance
3. Natural look & feel
4. Minimal shrinkage & expansion
5. Slip resistance
6. More resilient than other hard surface floors
7.  Amazing aesthetics
8. Exceptional durability

LVT makes a beautiful floor and provides strong visual appeal to the floor. Combining elegance and flexibility with high durability, LVT is an attractive solution for commercial as well as residential flooring. Their water resistant properties make it a great option for the area where you may have spills. It is easy to clean up spills by simply damp mopping it and therefore is easy to maintain. It meets the safety requirements for flammability, slip resistance and many other safety codes. LVT gives variety for the selection of sizes, shapes and styles. From distressed wood, to tactile slate, to woven textiles, beautiful realism is embedded into the product and there is a large variety of options available.
Features of luxurious vinyl tile:

  • Available in extensive range of size, shape and style
  • Naturally scratch, stain, dent and water resistant
  • Specialised wear layers- floors are coated with urethane to enhance durability.
  • Economically Luxurious Vinyl Tile is favourable for both the residential and commercial flooring, giving it natural and rich feel at an affordable price.
  • Easy to remove, relocate and replace
  • Beautifully realistic replication of tile, timber and stone
  • Cost effective compared to timber, tile or stone
  • Significantly lower cleaning and maintenance costs

LVT is comparatively thicker than traditional vinyl flooring materials because of an additional layer of heavy film that makes it scuff, stain, and scratch resistant, improving its wear and performance. Moreover, this additional film adds the advantage of sound absorption, heat insulation and comfort underfoot.
LVT has a higher upfront cost but minimal maintenance requirements, making it the preferred flooring for many homeowners. Our LVT ranges are available in a wide range of designs including tile, timber and stone transforming any environment with an authentic and realistic appearance.

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