Glass Films

We manufactures variety of films for architectural applications. From sun control to decorative and privacy maintaining glass films.

Sun Control Glass Films

The windows and doors are the great ways of enhancing the aura, ambience and mood of your room. People love glass windows and doors they brighten up your room with the dazzling natural light. As much as you cherish the views and natural light, you also want to protect your family with the harmful rays and radiations. The excessive heat and light coming from windows and doors might fades valuable furnishing, can create excessive heat and also contains harmful UV rays. To help you, we have launched a great range of sun control glass films- offering you great light and view. One can choose the films as per their specific requirements and budget. Our Sun control glass films allow you to let the light in and you’re your place safe from the harmful rays of the Sun. The films block up to 99% of harmful rays to reduce the fading of furnishing and carpet, maintain temperature consistency and improve comfort. These films provide a aesthetical and pleasant look to the building offering a uniform look to the windows and doors. It intact the outward visibility and privacy during the day time but the interiors are visible during the night due to lighting inside the house. The Sun control glass films vary from lighter colours to dark. They provide equal amount of UV reduction, but the light transmittance differs depending on the shades of the film i.e., from light to dark. The darker glass films have low light transmittance and lighter films have high light transmittance.

Some of the benefits of Sun control glass films:
1. Decrease Heat: By controlling hot spots and overall unwanted interior heat from the sun, the glass films provide a more comfortable living space. It also reduces the cooling cost by restricting the direct heat.
2. Reduce Fading: The films blocks up to 95% of the UV rays and reduce the heating as well. These primary features of the films reduce the rate fading keeping your valuable furnishing, carpets and environment intact.
3. Skin Protection: By blocking the UV rays, the films work as a sunscreen for our body protecting us from various skin diseases.
4. Cut Annoying Glare: Like sunglasses glass films brilliantly cuts the annoying glares coming directly

Balloon Curtains

The easiest way to change the décor and the entire look of the room is by changing the curtains. Curtains give a complete new look to your space. The more you explore the curtains world, the more you will get to know about its design, pattern and colors.  Finding the curtains for your place is like finding a perfect outfit, the one which is perfect for the occasion, fits well and looks great! Moreover it should create a pleasing and eye-soothing impression on the room.

If you want to décor your room a classy and elegant look you can opt for Balloon Curtains. You can use it alone or can pair it with a drape for covering the lower part of the window. Balloon curtains are very popular and well-known window treatment. This playful style curtain gives the space a formal touch without taking away its coziness. As the name suggests, the balloon curtains have the shape of the balloon which comes from the way the fabric is folded, pinched and bundled to make each section balloon. Lighter- weight cotton materials with strips or solid colors and patterns are best for fabric for balloon curtains. Even a balloon curtain designed with lace of light colors gives a classy look to the window. The product either ties up or has adjustable clips in the back to create a custom look for your window.

You can get various styles with different color depending on your room. Generally, balloon curtain is great for feminine appeal. You may decorate your little princess room with this drape. Lace balloon curtains are our favourite one! Balloon Shades have deep inverted pleats that fall into airy, rounded poufs at the bottom. They have swag-like folds of fabric at the bottom edge when they are drawn by vertical shirring down both sides and possibly one or two other vertical areas of the shade that draws up in loose gathers.

The balloon curtain is designed to be easily adjustable, up and down, to achieve a pleasing look. It is not, however, designed to be adjusted frequently like a shade. They are easy to use and the length can be adjusted to suit your mood. All balloon curtains come with adjustable rings that make it simple to change the length.

At Home Krafts India, we have a experienced team of professional decorators and installers ready to help you with your custom window treatment and home decor needs. We have a huge collection of balloon curtains to fit your need.

Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds gives a touch of softness to your window and space. They are available in different color, pattern, fabric and texture. The color and pattern range from solid bright to playful and sophisticated looks. Fabric blinds are widely used and available with vertical as well as horizontal functionality depending on the requirement of the design and choice. They have sleek and modern look and are suitable for both residential and commercial designing. They are available in different wrapping styles: Roller, Roman and Pleated. Synthetic polyester fibre is the best choice for fabric materials as they are durable and does not break down as easily as cotton, silk or wool. Additionally, thin polyester fabric blinds reduce glare in the room while still allowing the sunlight to filter through, giving your room natural lighting. Thickly woven polyester fabrics are also available if you want complete privacy or want to block the lights. They can easily be vacuumed or can be wet-cleaned with a clean. You can even combine your fabric blinds with drapes, cloth tapes, and more for added customization.

Vertical Blinds: Sliding doors and wide windows generally feature vertical blinds because of its easy to access feature. Fabric blinds with wide, vertical slats filter more light.
Horizontal Blinds: Horizontal blinds are used for tall and narrow windows. They are lift via a cord-pulley-system. Smaller slats emit less light when open, though horizontal blinds open partially to reveal the bottom window.

Made to slide sideways, the long, wide slats of vertical blinds are helpful on wide windows and sliding glass doors; whereas, horizontal blinds suit smaller, narrower and taller windows. Vertical and horizontal blinds have different decorative and functional advantages; including systems for opening that maximize access to light.
Fabric blinds offer a variety of advantages: they blend unique and elegant designs to fit any home. They have a distinct visual appeal and smooth operation. Fabric blinds can also provide extra insulation to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.
Light Control- Fabric blinds offers unique light control functions. Light-filtering fabrics provide a warm glow of diffused daylight when blinds are closed and do not completely bathe your room in darkness.

Privacy Control- Fabric blinds offers a great deal of privacy, making them ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas in your home requiring extra privacy. Various fabrics, colors, and filters give you the option to completely control the privacy of your home.
Humidity Resistant: Fabric blinds are naturally resistant to humidity and moisture. It prevents warping, discoloration, and other deformations in the blinds, ensuring that they will last for years.
Child Friendly: Fabric blinds have a durable construction that can stand up to the wear and tear while maintaining a tactile softness and window fashion. This makes it much harder for kids to accidentally break, damage, or dent the blinds. They also tend to weigh less than other materials, making them easy to raise and lower.

At Home Krafts India along with color, fabric blinds are available in a variety of decorative weaves and designs. You can also choose from a variety of slat sizes to fit your window, from mini or micro sizes to large slats for larger windows. We deliver unique textures that can imbue your home with character and warmth. 

Frosted Glass Films

Frosted Glass Films are also known as privacy window films. The frosting on the glass surface makes it more of translucent. They are widely used for privacy, sun protection and decoration purposes. Frosted Glass Films are used in residential and as well as commercial buildings. In residential spaces they are used for privacy and decorative purpose whereas in commercial offices or stores they are used for manifestation, advertisement and branding.

Featured of Frosted Glass Films
Brilliant visual frosted effect
Excellent conversion properties on computerised cutters
Easy cutting and weeding
Outstanding durability and outdoor life
Perfect dimensional stability
Excellent UV, temperature, humidity and salt-spray resistance
Excellent adhesion
Contrasting black liner for easy conversion

Different types of frosted films are available, based on their nature and patterns. Their pricing differ according to the quality and pattern.

Plain Frosted Films:  These are the basic frosted films and are thinner comparatively. They are cheapest of all and are vulnerable to dust. The objects which are much nearer to plain frosted films are visible when compared to the other films.

Misty White Frosted Films:  These films have whitish texture, looks like more etched than the plain frosted film. The thickness of the film is more when compared to plain frosted films.

Shiny Matte Frosted Film:
They contain shiny crystals which glitters when light fall on the films. These films give a richer look than the plain frosted films. These films are mostly used by commercial buildings. Shiny Matte Frosted films can be used for custom cutting and printing logos or pictures.

3M Frosted Film: 
These films are imported from USA. They also have shiny crystals but they appear in golden color unlike the shiny matte frosted film.  They are high grade films and are used for custom cutting and printing.

Printed Frosted Film: These films are used to reduce the visibility and to advertise on the particular area. They cover the glass at the same time give the vision of printed graphics on both sides of the glass.

Normally commercial windows use white textured films and residential windows and doors use colored privacy window films.

Advantages of using Frosted Glass Films:

-  Transforms an old setting to project a new ambiance
-  Better alternative to curtains or blinds
-  Comes in various colors and patterns
-  Enhances privacy and security where necessary
-  Filters UV rays to prevent damage to skin
-  Project a new stylish appearance
-  Protects furnishing and valuable items from fading
-  Prevents splintering of glass in case of breakage

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Decorative Glass Films

Decorative window films are typically used as an alternative to stained or etched glass. It enhances the appearance and privacy of the interior as well as exterior windows.  It offer subtle and stylish look to the building adding privacy and guzzling application for the glasses. Decorative films are best for increasing privacy and reducing glare. They are the best alternative to the etched glasses and are convenient as well affordable.  You can be creative and decorate any of the smooth glass of your place and give them all new look.  

Reduces Glare:  Our decorative and privacy glass films cuts the direct glares, alleviating eye strains and making it more comfortable for you

Cost Efficient:  The traditional method of etching the glass surface with acid to obtain the pattern  is costly, time-consuming and difficult to maintain. Moreover, they can’t be altered easily. The decorative glass films give you a wide range of choices for the patterns and designs. It is convenient and cost-efficient as well.  It can be changed whenever you want to give your place a new look!

Typical application of decorative window films include: Windows, Doors, Screen & Mirror, Conference Rooms and Glass display booths.

Types of Decorative window films:

Patterned Films:  Patterned films include: dotted, striped, layered  and the customised designs for your residential and commercial needs. Choose your shade, shape and pattern from our wide range of decorative glass films. From traditional to contemporary, we have all the patterns to fit your need!

Frosted Window Films: We carry an extensive selection of frosted films to suit all your needs. With a variety of shades, designs and thicknesses, we provide you with customized design and a heightened level of safety and security.

Semi-glass Designs: The glass films are suitable for both the residential and commercial needs. These glass films avail semi to complete privacy. It retains the natural look of your glass with a variety of crystal clear distortion patterns for distraction and privacy. These give an elegant look and are best for conference rooms, doors and windows.

Rice Paper Designs: These are elegant and come in variety of colors and patterns. They are transparent, embossed window film that allows light to transmission while obscuring direct visibility. They provide privacy without losing light.

Decorative films are best for residential as well as commercial buildings.  We have decorative glass films for all you glass needs, from decorative privacy glazing to closet door glass and filling cabinet room window. We even design the pattern of your choice.

Decorative window films give you the freedom to change the design and appearance of any piece of flat glass at any time. With hundreds of designs, styles and shades, we offer you the best choices for your home and office.

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