Window Dressing

Different window patterns or glass solutions have different purposes of their usage. So is with curtains or blinds used on them. We offer wide range of Curtains & Blinds system suitable for windows and glass partitions.

Fabric Curtains

When curtains are drawn the home attains a collective dignity! Curtains are essential part of any room; they liven the mood in the room, allow light, décor it and make it more beautiful. We create a breath-taking display and décor for you Window to shine with our fabric curtains. Our tailored fabrics will best define our personality and fashion.

How to get your window treatment right?

The HomeKraftsIndia team is always there to help you design your home with our tailored fabric curtains. Our team help you choose the correct weight, texture, light-blocking/light-exposing qualities and the durability of the product. At the time of designing we analyse the model, measure, fabrics, surrounding and finish the work to be in harmony with the decoration of space.
We have all types of fabrics, ranging from Cotton, Polyester, linen to silk and velvet. We bring you the best and the versatile collection of fabrics that will give you palace, a touch of your personality and fashion.

Cotton: Drapes well and offers bold and romantic looks. Cotton Fabric Curtains are best for bedrooms and formal dining rooms.
Linen: Ideal for people who want to have natural light throughout the house. They are perfect for casual dining rooms and airy bedrooms.
Lace: Allows both the natural light and air. It befits with any colour scheme and is best to give traditional touch to your home.
Polyester: Most common, durable and affordable fabric. These are available in various colour, pattern and styles. It is ideal for living room or bedroom.
Silk: They offer both traditional and classic look to your house.
Velvet: Offers polished and clean look. It insulates light and sound and helps keep the place cool.

Our recommendation for picking the right fabric:

Windows that need plenty of coverage: Fabrics with some heft to them will meet the coverage needs. Heavy-weight fabrics, such as velvet or wool-blend fabric which limit the light are the best match for you need. Windows were not much coverage is needed: Sheer fabrics (organza, chiffon or lace) diffuse the light and are perfect to provide dress-up to windows without much coverage. A bathroom window that needs privacy and natural light: Fabrics like voile or plisse gives a bit of coverage yet let in some light. A very low-ceilinged room: Using a fabric that features vertical stripes creates an illusion of length and height in a low-ceilinged room. We have stuffed our showroom with wide range of fabrics and curtains. We provide you with a variety of fabrics, pattern and colour to choose from. Every fold of our curtains contain elements of elegance and style. It’s time to give your windows some love!

Balloon Curtains

The easiest way to change the décor and the entire look of the room is by changing the curtains. Curtains give a complete new look to your space. The more you explore the curtains world, the more you will get to know about its design, pattern and colors. Finding the curtains for your place is like finding a perfect outfit, the one which is perfect for the occasion, fits well and looks great! Moreover it should create a pleasing and eye-soothing impression on the room. If you want to décor your room a classy and elegant look you can opt for Balloon Curtains. You can use it alone or can pair it with a drape for covering the lower part of the window. Balloon curtains are very popular and well-known window treatment. This playful style curtain gives the space a formal touch without taking away its coziness. As the name suggests, the balloon curtains have the shape of the balloon which comes from the way the fabric is folded, pinched and bundled to make each section balloon. Lighter- weight cotton materials with strips or solid colors and patterns are best for fabric for balloon curtains. Even a balloon curtain designed with lace of light colors gives a classy look to the window. The product either ties up or has adjustable clips in the back to create a custom look for your window.

You can get various styles with different color depending on your room. Generally, balloon curtain is great for feminine appeal. You may decorate your little princess room with this drape. Lace balloon curtains are our favourite one! Balloon Shades have deep inverted pleats that fall into airy, rounded poufs at the bottom. They have swag-like folds of fabric at the bottom edge when they are drawn by vertical shirring down both sides and possibly one or two other vertical areas of the shade that draws up in loose gathers. The balloon curtain is designed to be easily adjustable, up and down, to achieve a pleasing look. It is not, however, designed to be adjusted frequently like a shade. They are easy to use and the length can be adjusted to suit your mood. All balloon curtains come with adjustable rings that make it simple to change the length. At Home Krafts India, we have a experienced team of professional decorators and installers ready to help you with your custom window treatment and home decor needs. We have a huge collection of balloon curtains to fit your need.

Fabric Roman Blinds

Fabric blinds gives a touch of softness to your window and space. They are available in different color, pattern, fabric and texture. The color and pattern range from solid bright to playful and sophisticated looks. Fabric blinds are widely used and available with vertical as well as horizontal functionality depending on the requirement of the design and choice. They have sleek and modern look and are suitable for both residential and commercial designing. They are available in different wrapping styles: Roller, Roman and Pleated. Synthetic polyester fibre is the best choice for fabric materials as they are durable and does not break down as easily as cotton, silk or wool. Additionally, thin polyester fabric blinds reduce glare in the room while still allowing the sunlight to filter through, giving your room natural lighting. Thickly woven polyester fabrics are also available if you want complete privacy or want to block the lights. They can easily be vacuumed or can be wet-cleaned with a clean. You can even combine your fabric blinds with drapes, cloth tapes, and more for added customization.

Vertical Blinds: Sliding doors and wide windows generally feature vertical blinds because of its easy to access feature. Fabric blinds with wide, vertical slats filter more light.
Horizontal Blinds: Horizontal blinds are used for tall and narrow windows. They are lift via a cord-pulley-system. Smaller slats emit less light when open, though horizontal blinds open partially to reveal the bottom window.

Made to slide sideways, the long, wide slats of vertical blinds are helpful on wide windows and sliding glass doors; whereas, horizontal blinds suit smaller, narrower and taller windows. Vertical and horizontal blinds have different decorative and functional advantages; including systems for opening that maximize access to light.
Fabric blinds offer a variety of advantages: they blend unique and elegant designs to fit any home. They have a distinct visual appeal and smooth operation. Fabric blinds can also provide extra insulation to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.
Light Control- Fabric blinds offers unique light control functions. Light-filtering fabrics provide a warm glow of diffused daylight when blinds are closed and do not completely bathe your room in darkness.

Privacy Control- Fabric blinds offers a great deal of privacy, making them ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas in your home requiring extra privacy. Various fabrics, colors, and filters give you the option to completely control the privacy of your home.
Humidity Resistant: Fabric blinds are naturally resistant to humidity and moisture. It prevents warping, discoloration, and other deformations in the blinds, ensuring that they will last for years.
Child Friendly: Fabric blinds have a durable construction that can stand up to the wear and tear while maintaining a tactile softness and window fashion. This makes it much harder for kids to accidentally break, damage, or dent the blinds. They also tend to weigh less than other materials, making them easy to raise and lower.

At Home Krafts India along with color, fabric blinds are available in a variety of decorative weaves and designs. You can also choose from a variety of slat sizes to fit your window, from mini or micro sizes to large slats for larger windows. We deliver unique textures that can imbue your home with character and warmth. 

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are perfect choice for your window if you want to maximise the daylight in your space. They roll up neatly into a small roll and don’t cover the window pane. Roller blind is a single piece of fabric which wraps around a casing and fits into the top of your window frame, either within or outside of your window recess.  It is operated by a pull cord attached to the bottom of the blind or by a sidewinding chain mechanism attached to the blind casing; remote controlled motorised roller blinds are also in trend.

Planning to change the curtains of your place? Switch to roller blinds, they are beautiful, they are easy to install and it will make your home alive again. They are simplest and cheapest, yet the best and most elegant window treatment available. It protects you dust, direct sunlight, protects your valuable furnishing and beauty to your place. They are available in number of colors, designs, patterns and the materials; it gives you a wide range of options to choose from. They are available for each and every sized window and doors. No other blinds are as flexible and stylish as roller blinds. Roller blinds are suitable for most of the windows and doors. It perfectly fits a wide window and also looks neat and sleek on the small windows. Roller blinds can be made with a huge range of fabrics including translucent fabrics, sunscreen fabrics, and block out fabrics.

Why choose Roller Blinds?
Other than being the simplest, cheapest and the most beautiful blind, roller blinds have many features:
1. Create modern and aesthetic look: Roller blinds are a great choice if you are after a window covering that has simple lines. It is viewed as the best option for window fixtures that complement a modern home.
2. Roller blinds can be fixed inside or outside the window recess as well as either front face fixing to the wall or top fixing to the ceiling or inside of the recess.
3. Easy to operate: Roller blinds can be spring assisted, operated by a chain drive or fully motorised.  If you have a chain drive or motorised roller blind, you can actually link a number of blinds together so you can open and close multiple blinds at once.  No more reaching to each blind individually.
4.  Highly Flexible: They provide number of choices, from colors, sizes to fabrics that you can fit them with. You can choose sunscreen blind to block the sun rays or can choose block out blind for complete privacy.
5. Roller blinds are durable: It will operate the same as new even after they’ve been installed for years. The blinds will not fade from the sun as the fabrics are specifically treated to resist UV.

Chick Blinds

Chick blinds are drawstrings blinds made up of bamboo wood. Bamboo is increasingly becoming popular as the designer choice, as it offer unique style & tone to design any space. Bamboo chick blinds offer unique design and lend elegance to the space. Bamboo is extremely strong and can withstand many climate conditions. Bamboo is perfect material to be used as shades as it give ethic feeling and add an appeal to the interior design. Bamboo blinds are beautiful woven wood shade. It creates a strong visual aesthetic to the room without making it look tacky or cheap.Bamboo blinds are great options for those looking to bring an updated, contemporary look to their home or office, without appearing stuffy or gaudy. Bamboo blinds will also help you save on your energy by providing controllable natural light and warmth. The blind made using this versatile material will benefit the environment as well as your budget. Bamboo blinds are good for offices, kitchens, nurseries and various types of rooms. These binds can endure the wear and tear for years as they are durable and long-lasting. The bamboo blinds are available in different shades from dark to light and medium. It gives stylistic layout and refresh look to the place. The features of bamboo chick blinds include:

1. Appearance: The natural appeal of bamboo is associated with a relaxed elegance in interiors. It makes an excellent match for tropical-themed interiors and give the place an aesthetic look.

2. Light Control: The woven nature of bamboo shades allows some light to filter in while blocking views. Bamboo curtains offer great privacy. They can be combined with fabric liners to completely cut out light.
3. Low Maintenance: unlike other blinds, bamboo doesn’t need to be washed. It can be simply dusted or can swipe it with dampen mob.
4. Eco-friendly material: Bamboo is a natural, abundantly available and rapidly renewable resource. It is a favourite with environmentally conscious buyers and users who prefer to avoid synthetic materials.
Benefits of bamboo chick blinds:
1. Add natural beauty and elegance to the room.
2. Effectively helps control light and privacy
 3. Comfortable and Affordable
 4. Gives your home or office a unique, updated and interesting look while remaining sophisticated and professional
 5.  Environment and ecosystem friendly
 6. Helps you save on energy bills by providing natural light and temperature control.
7. You can paint bamboo blinds with your choice, if you want to.

Bamboo blinds are just one more option amongst many, but they offer unique combinations of qualities that can't be found in other product lines.

Triple Shade Blinds

Triple shade Blinds also known as Shangri-La Blinds have translucent sheer fabric vanes which can be positioned fully open, fully closed or anywhere in between for the privacy control you want. And unlike any other window shading available, these Window Shades can be raised with the vanes still open. We have wide variety of patterns available in these.

Skylight Blinds for Ceiling

Skylights are installed in homes to lighten up dark rooms and to improve the function and ambience of the place. Skylights are standout features within any home: they flood rooms with natural light, expand their spaciousness and usability, and offer a stunning view of the sky. The dynamic lighting they provide is like bringing the outdoors inside. But the direct sun glare or excess of heat can be enough to reverse its appeal. While dusk and dawn provide comfortable warm hues, midday overheats, and sunsets strain the eyes. There are times when you do not want your space to brilliantly bright, or you want to adjust the light entering your space or to protect the room from the direct harmful UV radiations, homeowners install Skylight Blinds to the ceiling. Different types of skylight blinds are available according to needs:
1. Sun Blocking Skylight Blinds
These are the most common and widely used sunlight blinds. Most of them are motorised or remote controlled. They block UV rays and heat. They protect the place from direct sunlight and also help in saving the energy by cutting the direct heat. When the blinds are closed, they may block the majority of the sunlight. When they are open, full sunlight will stream through the windows.
2. Cellular Shades: These blinds partially block the sunlight. They can soften the light and can improve ambiance in many cases, but they will not fully block the sun or darken the room.
3. Venetian Blinds: These can be fully opened or closed, and the slats can also be rotated. Adjusting the angle of the slats can partially block the light, and it can also angle the direction of the light. They have significant sun-blocking benefits when they are fully closed.
Skylight shades are available in a variety of colors, including various shades of brown, grey and off-white. Hardware and cords for all skylight coverings come in off-white. Benefits of skylight blinds:

1. Easy to operate
2. Blocks UV rays
3. Saves energy as they insulate the window
4.Control the lights
5. Protect your carpets, flooring and valuable furnishing from direct sunlight.

We offer two convenient ways to operate skylight blinds: manually, with an extension pole, or automatically with window covering motorization. Motorization gives homeowners the option to adjust their skylight roller shades with the simple click of a button or throughout the day with pre-programmable settings. Motorized roller shades are also a perfect option for those especially hard to reach skylight windows. We have wide option for you to select the style, fabric and best color for your skylight blinds. All our skylight blinds are checked individually and have been tailored to the exact dimensions

Home Theater Curtains & Blinds

If you have a dedicated room in your home for watching movies, then you certainly need to finish the project off with some heavy home theatre curtains. Theatre curtains not only look fantastic they are an essential component for any home theatre. The key element that ties all theatre room features together is the chosen style of curtains. There are huge range of style and fabrics available for curtain & blinds for your home theatre. While choosing the curtains you must look for traditional soft weave fabrics installed with a lining fabric that will enhance block out and must have magnificent draping qualities.

Dark curtains create dramatic effect; blocks light better and are best option for home theatre. The curtains used to block out the lights in theatre room are generally heavier in weight and provide noise reduction or acoustic absorption. The Extra-long curtains draping on the floor give a real feel of opulence. They not only look terrific they provide additional soft furnishings and are great noise absorbent.

Features of home theatre curtains:
1.Prevent or reduce glare on screens
2. Solid shades are ideal, the darker the curtain the better the light block-out and noise absorption
3. Solar and cellular blinds soften the light
4. They are easy to maintain and are durable
5. Saves energy and are cost-efficient
6. Easy to install

Perfect Patterns of Blinds & Curtains for home theatre:

Blackout Roller Shades feature fabric fused with a white backing to block light and provide maximum privacy.
Blackout Honeycomb Shades are lined and block nearly all exterior light. These energy efficient shades provide maximum privacy.
Ultra Room Darkening Blinds feature hidden routing holes and increased slat overlap to block more light when the blinds are closed.
Eyelet top curtain: These curtains have the silver rings or eyelets in the top. They are super easy to hang as they just slide on a rod. You can hang as many panels as you like to give a great full look. The room can be framed by using a contrasting panel on each end.
Pinch pleat curtain: These curtains have pleats sewn into the top. You can’t adjust the size of these so you need to be sure to get the correct size.
Pencil pleat curtain: these come as one big flat piece of fabric with a tap and some strings sewn into the top. You pull the strings and bunch them up to your desired width.

Theatre curtain provide a sense of height, size, volume and space of the room. It should engulf the all the walls not only the window As the wall to wall and floor to ceiling coverage with the right fabric enhance the acoustic insulation and gives a true theatre sound.

Stage Curtains

Heavy stage curtains for auditoriums, theatres or stage performances require special fabrics and special pattern of stitching and heavy mechanism for curtains to work properly. We have executed many projects successfully for stage curtains .

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds also known as Ailanto blind are specially designed from seasoned wood to withstand weather changes and remain sturdy. Wooden Blinds are natural wooden look blinds, with original look of hue and grain in wood. We have these available in 35mm and 50 mm slits in manual and motorized pattern.

Honeycomb Cellular Blinds

Honeycomb Cellular blinds consist of two layers of thin paper or fabric folded into honeycomb shaped cells that can be stacked nearly flat. Most honeycomb shades are raised and lowered using a drawstring attached to the top of the installment. There are some honeycomb shades that actually start at the bottom of the window and can be pulled up or vice-versa. The honeycomb cellular blind is a popular choice due to its superior insulating honeycomb structure. They are designed to avert heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. When installed properly, they create a sealed airspace that makes it very difficult for the hot or cold air to escape through the window. One of the greatest benefits of honeycomb shade is its thermal resistant properties. It can almost double the resistance value of some windows! This means that less heat gets in during the summer and more is trapped during the winter. Honeycomb shades are made so thermally resistant because of the fact that air gets trapped in the space between the cells, forming a sort of barrier between the interior of the house and the window. They’ve been in the market for years and have number of benefits:

Light filtering or room darkening abilities
Keeps home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
Top-Down / Bottom-Up option for better control over light and privacy
Cordless options for child safety
Superior insulation and noise reduction Saves energy and is cost-efficient

The versatile top-down/bottom-up feature, which allows the shade to either be lifted up to the top of the window or lowered to the window sill, you can still get light streaming into the room above the shade while enjoying complete privacy at the lower portion of the window. Light control is another positive feature of honeycomb blinds. From semi-opaque light-filtering fabrics to light-blocking opaque fabrics, it offers a variety of light control options. This type of shade blocks out the most light, so if complete darkness is your goal, outside-mounted cellular shades are your best bet. Their ability to block out all sunlight makes them perfect for media rooms and children’s bedrooms.
Cordless honeycomb blinds: With the cordless operating options, just lift or lower the blinds by hand. Wherever you let go, that’s where it stay. Honeycomb blinds offer the ultimate child safety. With no lifting cords for children or pets to get tangled in, they make great options for spaces used by kids. Additionally, cordless blinds give much cleaner look.

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